ZOOM-ing Through Ridgeland: Where to Take Your Next Video Call

Let’s be real: while the rest of the world has slowed down, your work load certainly has not. You’re taking more video calls than you were before Covid-19 hit, and your coworkers basically know what the inside of your home office looks like as well as you do. Perhaps you could use a little break from saying, “I apologize for my dog barking” in every virtual business meeting. Thankfully, Ridgeland has excellent spots to take your next video call and allow for a little change of scenery. No need for wi-fi either if you download the Zoom app directly to your cell phone!

Outdoor dining patios:

  • Fusion Coffeehouse – Grab your coffee + snack inside first then set up at a table provided on the front and side of the building
  • Zea Rotisserie – Enjoy the outdoor seating with ceiling fans and a television
  • Burgers & Blues – Spread out all your materials on their spacious tables on the covered patio
  • Anjou – Impress your coworkers with the picturesque lake view
  • Pelican Cove – Choose from a variety of outdoor seating areas overlooking the Barnett Reservoir

Grassy/picnic areas: