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Decoration. Renovation. Transformation. Or maybe it’s simply inspiration that you seek. Regardless of your aim, when comes to your home and how you wish to make it uniquely yours as well as supremely comfortable and beautiful, Inside + Out, Ridgeland is your haven.

Bring your dreams, and you’ll find the perfect dream-come-true decorating schemes and designs, furnishings and accessories, from vibrant vintage to high-style modern to down-home comfy. Multiple antique stores make it easy for beautifully timeless pieces to find their way into your interiors, while home stores staffed with knowledgeable and talented designers mean you’ve got the expertise you need to create a spectacular home environment with style and confidence. Mix styles and colors; mix in hand-painted pieces—you can even hand-paint them yourself. Speaking of painting, Ridgeland is also the place to find the paintings, artworks and crafts of some of the finest artists and artisans, from sculpture to pottery to landscape paintings.

And speaking of landscapes, for the care and feeding of your yard and garden landscapes, there’s no better place than Ridgeland. Certainly, no place more pleasant to peruse—our garden centers are oases of botanical beauty and tranquility, where horticultural pros can help you with everything from plant selection and care to garden design. Your outdoor spaces will flourish, as will your satisfaction.

So come take a stroll through Ridgeland’s home and garden retail, for a beautiful shopping experience, and a beautiful home, Inside + Out.

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