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#goals. #personalbest. For some, the active life means pushing yourself, expanding your limits. For others, it means the early morning meditative jog, the pleasurable midday stroll or the easy-going weekend bike trek. For those folks, it’s not about the push, it’s about the pull of beautifully relaxing recreation.

Here in Ridgeland, a recreational paradise and bicycling capital of the state, there are plenty of places and inviting spaces for every kind of active life. And, fortunately, there are plenty of shops ready to supply the right gear. Looking for the right wheels? Ridgeland’s shopping lineup offers both bicycles and ATVs. Need just the right athletic wear? Ridgeland has it all, and that means all brands and prices. Want fitness equipment, either new or used? Ridgeland has that, too. You say your preference is for the ballet plie rather than the pull-up bar? Ridgeland retail includes a superb selection of dancewear.

So whether your goal is getting (and staying) in shape, or just getting out more, getting to Ridgeland should be your very first step.

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