Top 10 Insta-Worthy Spots in Ridgeland, Mississippi

As the weather cools down and the green leaves fade into a burnt orange, fall in Ridgeland is a time to experience. Getting out to enjoy the festivities this year will require more than a clever filter—it’ll require all the right places and a little creativity. With these top 9 Insta-worthy spots, you can be sure to showcase all the beauty Ridgeland has to offer.


#1 Welcome to Ridgeland Mural - 180 W Jackson Street

This welcoming mural enjoys pride of place and represents the vibrant and friendly community in Ridgeland.

Depicting the Barnett Reservoir from a spot in Old Trace Park (complete with sailboat), the mural’s eye-popping design was selected in a 2018 contest among area students.


#2 Butterfly Mural at Northpark - 1200 East County Line Road - Center Court of Mall

Located in the massive Northpark shopping center featuring 120 retailers and 12 dining options, the Butterfly Mural positions visitors between two swirling, colorful wings.

Urging passersby to “be the change” they want to see in the world, this mural is as psychedelic as it is topical.


#3 Ridgeland Wildflower Field – right off I-55 N and West Jackson St.

The recently replanted wildflower field offers a slice of serene, natural beauty.

Featuring walking paths and art made of recyclable materials, the field’s 3-acres provide naturally magical backdrops and ample opportunities for social distancing (and one-of-a-kind posts)!


#4 Butterfly Mural at Altar'd State - 1000 Highland Colony Parkway

Ridgeland’s beloved boutique, Altar’d State, is not only the perfect place for fall attire, it’s an ideal location to model the clothes themselves!

Tucked among the gorgeous shops in the Renaissance at Colony Park, this 3D mural on a scaly copper wall finds butterflies resting with wings outstretched!


#5 Reservoir Overlook - Milepost 105.6 Natchez Trace Parkway

After the “Welcome to Ridgeland” mural, eager influencers can snap themselves at the genuine article in real time.

The Barnett Reservoir Overlook is pristine enough to be a desktop background. With cobalt blue waters, rolling green lawns, and changing leaves, this is a gorgeous natural spot for a picnic photo session.


#6 Natchez Trace Parkway Sign - 950 Rice Road

The Natchez Trace has seen a lot of travel through its 10,000 years. Used by Native Americans, European settlers, slave traders, soldiers, famous explorers, and even future presidents, the Natchez Trace Parkway serves as an immersive and interactive timeline of the North American continent and its peoples.


#7 Renaissance Clock Tower - 1000 Highland Colony Parkway

Like something out of our dreams, the Renaissance Clock Tower is a master stroke of shadow and light during the day and a colorfully illuminated beacon at night.

As much an attraction as the nearby shops, this clock tower offers nearly limitless Insta-worthy possibilities.


#8 Fountains at Renaissance - 1000 Highland Colony Parkway Entrance

Yet another draw near the shops of Renaissance at Colony Park, the fountains will have your followers confusing Ridgeland for Rome. One fountain sits flanked by stone horses and lit from underwater at dusk. The other fountain features rainbow-lit jets cascading down over a wide pool.

Whatever water feature you choose, you’ll no doubt earn plenty of comments and an abundance of likes once you post this architectural marvel.


#9 Dogmud Tavern - 681 S Pear Orchard Road

Every good selfie tour should end on a full stomach and a little fun! This premier board game tavern brings you into the land of fairies and dragons. From the floor to the ceiling and around every hidden corner, there is more to discover and explore. You won't lack in finding the ideal backdrop for a selfie of you and your group.


#10 Me, Myselfie & I - 731 S Pear Orchard Rd, Suite 14

It wouldn't be a selfie trail without Mississippi's very first Selfie Trail. This one-stop-selfie-shop features dozens of Insta-worthy installations. Set up your phone on their illuminating stands, and capture unique memories with your loved ones.