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Shopping 101: When is it better to buy Antiques

While most people like to pay top dollar for new furniture; however, you are not most people. You like to do things differently. You want the best even when it’s different from what’s the most popular. So why not fill your house full of antiques?

No matter how big or how small, every piece you put into your home tells a story. If the antiques in question belonged to dearly departed family members, then they can serve a purpose of reminding you of those of your own family who have come and gone before you. Even if you are not the original owner, there are plenty of other advantages to owning antiques. For one thing, by definition, they are old. However, that does not mean that they are automatically lacking in value. Quite the opposite is the case, as a matter of fact. Antique furniture that has already stood the test of time can likely withstand the test of some more time and regular use. Just make sure you maintain it and clean it properly.

Antiques can also prove to be a good investment if you hold onto them long enough. Since they never go out of style, there will always be someone somewhere who is going to want to own one. For this reason, they tend to appreciate in value as long as you take care of them. However, the demand for them fluctuates with time along with the supply. If your interest in antiques is financial, then make sure you follow the rule of “buy low, sell high,” the same way that you would for any other investment. The opposite is the case when you buy new furniture: it is never worth more than it is when it is new.

Not everything second-hand is an antique, but some things are still worth buying this way, especially when you happen to find an item whose quality is still comparable to something new. Since most second-hand stores are locally owned, you are also helping keep your money in the local economy by supporting them. In addition to those, the internet has made person-to-person second hand shopping easier than ever, serving the same function as the classified ads in the newspaper.

Of course, not everything old should be made new again. Certain things you should never buy used are things that are highly likely to have remnants of someone else’s germs on them, such as old mattresses, used headgear, and hygiene items. The idea of brushing with a toothbrush that a stranger used to use just isn’t a good idea, period. It is just not sanitary.

Antiques keep things from going into landfills, keep local businesses in business, and can make your home look beautiful. Now that you understand the advantages of buying antiques, have fun going antiquing and filling your home with some new old furniture. Just make sure you watch your budget and do not lose control of yourself while shopping.

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Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Three Centuries Shop in Vancouver, Canada. He regularly writes for antique blogs with an emphasis in buying local or second hand.