New Year, New You!

new-year-new-youFeeling a little holiday hangover?

No time like 2016 to refresh and revive your body and soul! Almost half of us will make a resolution to improve ourselves in some way this year, so make yours easy to keep! We’ve made a list of a few things to enrich your year and how Ridgeland can make them happen:

Learn a new skill. Artisans of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi demonstrate at the Mississippi Craft Center to give the public the opportunity to see what goes into creating the various crafts. Meet the people behind the art, learn how they got started and see their creative process! Guild members teach classes at the introductory, intermediate and professional level. The Discover series will even let you try your hand at a craft before you make a commitment!

Spend more time in the Great Outdoors. The Multi-use Trails in Ridgeland are the perfect place to get some exercise, get your heart rate up, and take in the beautiful sights! Whether you like you walk, run or ride, the 14 miles of trails and travel from Harbor Drive to Rice Road to Highland Colony Parkway near the Natchez Trace Parkway. Several side trails bring users of the path to schools, shops and businesses, so you can feel extra productive on your route!

Take care of yourself. Ridgeland is spa central! From medi-spa treatments to hot stone massages to relaxing mani-pedis, there is no better place to start making little improvements in your health and beauty regimen to feel good this year! Why not make a weekend out of relaxation and stay in one of our great hotels? Now THAT sounds like a treat!

Want to know more? Find our more about cycling in Ridgeland MS. We’d love to have you in 2016!