Natchez Trace Parkway Rules of the Road

Natchez Trace Parkway: Rules of the Road

Before you head out for a ride on the Natchez Trace Parkway, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road. The fast-paced life of nearby interstates and major highways stops once you reach the Parkway. Along this journey your goals should change from getting there quickly to enjoying every moment of the ride. After all, slowing down and taking in the views are part of the experience. 

Slow Down, Look Around

You may want to take your foot off the pedal and rely on your cruise control to not exceed the speed limit. Throughout the Parkway the speed limit is 50 mph, unless otherwise posted. 

All who use the Parkway should exercise caution and keep an eye out for others and for wildlife. As a designated bike route, the Parkway is popular with cyclists. Motorists should be on the lookout for those cyclists. As much of the Parkway is in rural areas, wildlife can often be seen, especially at dusk and dawn. Drivers should pay attention to the surroundings and be prepared to stop. 

Parkway by RV

Now more than ever, traveling in the comfort and safety of your own RV is a popular way to explore the Natchez Trace Parkway. Before you load up, please review the restrictions to plan for an enjoyable trip.

While most stops along the Parkway are accessible to RVs, look for signage marked “no circular drive” to know which ones cannot accommodate you. Length restrictions are 55 feet and this includes any tow vehicle. The height restriction is 14 feet. If your RV fits within those measurements, the Parkway is ready to welcome you. When you are ready to stop for the day, these RV parks in the Ridgeland area are conveniently located. Additionally, once you’ve parked your RV in Ridgeland, you are centrally located to enjoy dining and shopping, as well as cycling.

Pedal Power on the Parkway

Whether it is the bicycle-only campgrounds or the multi-use paths to avoid heavy traffic, the Natchez Trace Parkway makes cyclists feel welcome throughout its 444 miles. With some helpful tips in mind, the journey can be fun and safe.

As with any bike ride, cyclists should make themselves visible to others and ride as far to the right as practicable. Before you head out, plan your route and know where to exit the Parkway for supplies and amenities.

Keep your safety in mind. Cell phone service may not be available in all areas so you should carry a first aid kit and a repair kit. Summer weather can be hot and humid so bring along plenty of water and stay hydrated. 

Parking areas are available to leave your vehicle while bicycling the Parkway, but you will need to call ahead of time (800-305-7417) and complete a parking form. 

Learn more about the rules of the road and the many sites to enjoy along the Natchez Trace Parkway.