Ever had a "wine burger?"

**This post originally appeared on EatJackson.com, but we thought it was too delicious not to share!** 

After a busy week, my husband and I were looking forward to a casual and laid back Friday night. We were in Ridgeland, so we decided to stop into McB’s Bar and Grill. Neither of us had been there before, so we were glad to see and feel the relaxed atmosphere the minute we walked in the door. We looked around, picked a table, and were quickly greeted by a friendly and helpful waitress.

As we perused the menu, I noticed the section of “Wine Burgers, A McB’s Original.” Wine and burgers? There it was in front of me: two of my favorite things – combined. I really needed to find out more about these “Wine Burgers.”

Our waitress explained that the beef is marinated in wine before the burgers are grilled. As simple as that, and I was sold! One Baby Blue Cheese Bacon Wine Burger ($7.95), please! I got onion rings as my side (because, why not go all out), but you can also get fries or add a salad. My husband got the Chicken Strip Dinner ($10.95) with a salad, fries, and bread. While we waited for our food, we caught up on the week and enjoyed listening to the live music that was being played in the next room.

There are several options for the McB’s Wine Burger, and each one is available in a “large” and “small” version. The large is a ½ pound patty, and the small is a ¼ pound patty. You can build your own Wine Burger with toppings like sautéed mushrooms or chili, or order it as they come with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

Our food came very quickly, and we dove in. The Wine Burger was delicious, but it didn’t really taste like wine. I think the best part is that the wine kept the burger moist and juicy. There was also a generous layer of tangy blue cheese that made it into every bite! I was so glad that I got the onion rings. They were simple and crispy. My husband’s chicken dinner was great too—or so he told me. It was gone before I thought to ask for a taste.

We had a great night at McB’s! How does the Wine Burger sound to you?