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A Foodie Guide to Top Fall Flavors in Ridgeland, MS

There’s a special kind of magic to the fall. The air grows delicate and the trees erupt in color. Best of all, in our scarves and knitted sweaters we can finally celebrate the flavors that deepen our appreciation of the season.

Ridgeland, Mississippi, has the season’s seasonings and bright fall foliage to satisfy the most passionate autumn enthusiasts. With charming cafés, singular sweets, off-the-vine produce, and masterclass seafood, fall in Ridgeland is a cozy foodie festival!

Autumn aficionados unite for these top fall flavors in Ridgeland!


The Prickly Hippie

On the face of it, cakes and cacti share little in common. One is dessert, the other found in deserts. But at The Prickly Hippie, you can satisfy both your sweet tooth and green thumb!

Specializing in eclectic treats, the master bakers at The Prickly Hippie craft homemade pop tarts, gourmet cupcakes, and decadent maple bacon donuts. Pair your pastry with a piping hot cup of joe in your preferred style (Americano, espresso, macchiato, latte), and you’ve got a treat combo worthy of a photo session.

Don’t forget to browse their selection of cacti and succulent arrangements for the perfect, living souvenir. Or, for the bold, combine both cake and cacti for a delightful double take with the practically famous edible terrarium!


Fusion Coffeehouse

In a world overrun by corporate cafés, Fusion Coffeehouse offers a locally-owned, down-to-earth alternative.

Locally roasted beans enhance the caramel lattes and cappuccino, while the season’s real hero—the pumpkin spice latte—makes its debut on the menu. Chilly visitors will also find tea and hot chocolate on offer alongside craft coffee combos featuring cinnamon, hazelnut, toasted marshmallows, and butterscotch.

Also serving hot breakfast, sandwiches, and gelato, Fusion Coffeehouse has everything you need to ring in the fall.


Freshway Produce

Traditionally, fall is the harvest season—the last chance to fill the pantry before winter descends.

Fresh, local fruits and vegetables are becoming rare and beautiful things, and Freshway Produce is overflowing with rare and beautiful things. This family owned and operated farmer’s market is your one-stop shop for just-picked tomatoes, apples, peaches, and peanuts. You’ll also find Mississippi-made sweet potato pies, cakes, and other baked goods from the Sweet Potato capital of the world, nearby Vardaman, Mississippi!

You’ll also find pumpkins of every shape, size, and color on offer for that perfect jack-o-lantern! Don’t forget a jar of handmade jam, local honey, or salsa as you stock up on superior produce for your own winter pantry!


CAET Seafood

Seafood and a delicately balanced cocktail are as welcome in fall as they are in spring or summer. At CAET Seafood (pronounced Kate) you’ll find a selection of expertly dressed raw or broiled oysters and a whisky/scotch menu to warm you right up!

Try your Jackson hot catfish or wood-oven baked crab fondue with a Hidalgo cocktail composed of bourbon, Cointreau, maple syrup, and sage. Take a bite of your black pepper calamari before having a sip of the Moonstruck cocktail (vodka, Koval Coffee liquor, Godiva dark, earl gray syrup, and nutmeg).

CAET prides itself on upscale food in a casual, oyster bar experience. On a breezy fall night, CAET is what dreams are made of.


Fall in Ridgeland

This fall, you can expect to #VisitRidgelandResponsibly. Ridgeland’s business community continues to promote public health and safety so that all guests and residents can enjoy this gorgeous season!

Come for the leaves. Come with your camera. Come with an appetite. Autumn in Ridgeland is too good to miss. #VisitMSResponsibly