Room Service

Butler Snow Building at Renaissance
1020 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 104
(601) 707-3600

Mon-Fri  10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Hays Thompson started Room Service in 1986. Salads and sandwiches were not new, but his idea was to make them taste new. Hays used uncommonly fresh ingredients, cooking techniques honed in his mother’s kitchen, some family recipes, generous portions, and his boundless imagination. He made everything from scratch and by hand daily, then personally carried his salads and sandwiches around for sale, going door to door and on foot. His first deliveries were to ladies in beauty salons, and Room Service had a devoted following in no time. If you’ve ever opened a box from Room Service, you will see why. It’s literally so loaded with fresh deliciousness it has to be taped shut! Now, more than 30 years later, his idea is still the same and it’s still working. Room Service makes everything so fresh and with so much hard work and love that every salad and every sandwich tastes new, every time you eat it. Room Service evolved into a business catering service and serves more than 35 gourmet salad choices and 38 sandwiches, all with original names like the Destin, Jamaican, Washington, Bombay, and Louisianne. And Room Services has 24 dressings. Your sandwich or salad is made fresh to order and delivered right to your Jackson area offices during lunchtime business hours. Most people probably don’t know just how many different salads and sandwiches Room Service serves because the first one they try is so delicious they may never try anything else. Some customers have ordered only the Lawyer’s Club or Texan or whatever their first pick was for years.