Ridgeland Retail Shop COVID 19 Services

4 Ways Ridgeland Retailers Can Support You During COVID-19

If there’s one skill that we’ve learned during this time of COVID-19 it’s how to be creative. Back in the old days (you know, way back just a few months ago) one of the great things about actually visiting one of Ridgeland’s many unique shops was the sheer beauty of the storefront windows and the interesting ways the retailers displayed their wares (One of our favorites has always been the wrapped hangers at the popular Libby Story in Renaissance at Colony Park.) Well, leave it to Ridgeland’s retail sector to step it up even more and deliver a satisfying shopping experience now in these unprecedented times. Here are 4 ways that Ridgeland retailers are making it easier for you to purchase gifts, clothing, garden supplies and whatever your heart desires.



Many retailers have taken their inventories online to make shopping at home a breeze. Check out your favorite store’s website, Instagram feed or Facebook page and you may find the perfect spring outfit. Ladies, check out Hemline Ridgeland’s Insta feed and you’ll find awesome loungewear that is the bomb.com! If you’ve now gotten every baseboard clean in your home and ready to decorate, SummerHouse offers some stylish items to bring a modern touch to your decor. If pre-loved items are your go-to decor, Antique Aly and Trendy Treasures Consignment display one-of-a-kind treasures you can view on social media.



Ring it up and run it out! Ridgeland retailers are ready to meet you curbside with all your favorite purchases. No contact needed! It’s so easy, just call to place your order, pay over the phone or online, and the friendly faces of our retail workers are at your service. Enjoy the great spring weather with a cook-out, and you can bet that Grills of Mississippi has got the perfect seasonings and grilling accessories to make you the charcoal king.  Shayna’s Boutique, near Kroger in Ridgeland, has got stylish accessories and plus-size fashions that you can order online and pick up Monday -Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Ding dong! Your package has arrived! Many Ridgeland retailers are now offering customers new shipping and delivery options. Have a prescription that you need filled? You don’t even at to bother with the drive-thru at Walgreens Pharmacy, they’ll deliver your meds for free. Need a perfect gift for graduation or Mother’s Day? Inside Out at Renaissance at Colony Park is offering online shopping, Facetime shopping with gift wrap and delivery available. It really doesn’t get any easier than that! Be sure to check out Gifts by KPEP and BellaChes for gift items. Ridgeland is truly the mecca for unique boutique shops!


Your favorite retailer is going LIVE! Many Ridgeland retailers are using Facebook and Instagram’s live feature to create virtual realtime sales. Does baby need a new pair of shoes? Arco Avenue has got the kicks that you can order online and have delivered for free. Looking for a cute statement t-shirt? Material Girls has you covered!

For a listing of the hours and services of some Ridgeland retailers, please visit the Ridgeland COVID-19 Resource page. To explore all the great locally-owned shops in Ridgeland, check out our Ridgeland Retail Trail Brochure.